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to place 5600 pounds of copper wire on the flatbed of a truck. police are looking for a mid 1990s ford f-350 or f-450 with an open black flatbed. >>> the man accused of killing a well-known san francisco newspaper vendor could be in court as early as today. police arresting 36-year-old mark cassell. they say cassell literally picked up 77-year-old dallas ayers and threw him on the pavement near market and montgomery streets in january. ayers suffered a hip injury and then died three weeks later. he was well-known in that area where he sold the chronicle for the past 30 years, most recently at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. cassell is believed to be a transient. >>> the judge right now questioning whether the man accused of stealing a luxury lot and going on that million dollar joy ride from sausalito harbor is, in fact, competent to stand trial. a court hearing will be held today to appoint doctors to determine whether leslie gardener can, in fact, stand trial. gardner being charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing the 82-foot sailboat "darling" and running it aground in
." a lot of talker around "star wars," particularly the old cast, harrison ford, luke hamel, carrie fisher. are they going to reunite? >> we haven't made any official announcement right now. we have a team working on the film right now. j.j. abrams is going to direct it. we have a writer who is actually writing the script, working with some of the folks that were involved in some of the earlier films. and when the story is quote/unquote broken, then we'll make decisions about the cast and move from there. >> what can you tell us about what is going on now in terms of advertising, in terms of the business climate? i guess the up-front period is beginning for some parts of media this week. do you have any vision that you could talk to us about in terms of advertising? how does the year look? >> we don't have a lot of visibility. it's been that kind of a market for a long time. i will say that the year has been fairly good. there is a fair amount of demand from advertisers for advertising time. and it's certainly a good sign. we've seen that fairly steady, at least since the beginning of the
admire henry ford who brought scale to automobile manufacturing and we should bring scale to education. >> is there a replacement for conventional high education or a complement to that? >> right now we're really focusing on access. bring higher education to high school student and bring a.p.-like classes and we signed 50 oakland students up to students that never would have had access and it will level the playing field, people of color and economic disadvantage have access to so eventually i think it's going to be a pillar of higher education that people will use because it's more flexible and less expensive and reaches more people. >> let me break in. we eel take a quick commercial break and be back with more from sebastian thrun of udacity in just a second. . >>> welcome back to press. ier. i'm scott mcgrew. we're talking with sebastian thrun of udacity and google. the taxi drivers responded to google negatively and college professors are feeling same similar threatened by online courses. i could teach as college professors 100 or 200 kids. can you take it over and teach tens of th
for a man driving a ford f-350 truck. >>> a psychiatrist is involved in the case of a stolen yacht. a judge will determine if the man accused of stealing that yacht can stand trial. this was prompted by the defense attorney. he is charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing that 82 foot sail boat and running it aground in pacifica on march 4. >>> today the board of supervisors voted to approve regulations that subjects electronic cigarettes to the same controls at tobacco. that means e smokers can't puff up in parks. e cigarettes cannot be sold to minors. health officials say the vapor pose a secondhand health hazard. the board of supervisors will take a second vote. >>> a legislator is proposing legislation to make marijuana safer for patients. it would establish a division of medical cannabis regulation and enforcement. this would be part of the state department of alcohol beverage control. it would ensure that medical marijuana patients aren't exposed to toxic substances and will help reduce the criminal element involved. >>> chez panisse will be closed longer than originally expecte
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?" "open sesame" "the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further." in our homes, our minds. we can share every second in data dressed as pixels. a billion roaming photojournalists... uploading the human experience. and it is spectacular. so why would you cap that? my iphone 5 can see every point of view... every panorama, the entire gallery of humanity. i need to upload all of me. i need, no, i have the right to be unlimited. only sprint offers truly unlimited data... for iphone 5. >>> spouses late for dinner. the teenager stays out all night. an awful, sinking feeling when a loved one is out of touch. usually, of course, everything rights itself, but not for the family of brittany tavar. in 2010 they found themselves stuck fast in the pergatory of missing persons. where families go to wait. for what, they do not know. >> you alternate between it's not real. it's really not happening, to having these terrible, terrible moments when you realize that something irreversible has happened. >> brittany's two little dogs had been found abandoned by the side of the
nash 94.7, good morning, i'm kelly ford, gorgeous, sunny day -- it seems like the people in new york have been very hungry for this kind of music and the response we're getting on the phones and out on the streets is excitement, which is how we feel, too. >> new yorkers buy 20% more country music than people in nashville do. >> reporter: for media ceo to keep the music and its stars became too profitable and popular to ignore. >> blake shelton on "the voice" and faith hill the opener for sunday night football on nbc. these are in mainstream. >> reporter: its return to new york air waves is the latest sign of the countrywide takeover. there are more country music stations than any other music genre and six cable tv networks are partly devoted to all things country. in 2012 its artists claimed five of the top ten selling albums of the year. ♪ i've got all the proof i need, it ain't the whiskey ♪ >> reporter: rising star gary allen says it's the sign of the times. >> country music is about what happens monday through friday and more of the blue collar stuff and the pop is about what
is that new one coming out? >> the sequel is coming out this christmas. harrison ford is in it. kind of like a tom brokaw character. >> back across to anthony. >> finish the lyrics to the theme song from this tv comedy which started will smith. ♪ now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down and i'd like to take a minute. just sit right there and i'll tell you how i became prince of a town called. >> bel air. >> ding, ding, ding. you win $100 gift certificate from american express. >> that is an old classic, that song. >> that is a classic. love it. love it. put the thumbs up. obviously it's the "fresh prince of bel air" theme song. previously he was a rapper. where is he? 3w5d moment of silence for d.j. jesse jess. he's not dead. >> back across the street to anthony. >> these people are cheating. in what movie do four friends become known as the wolfpack, old school, animal house, dumb and dumber, or the hangover? >> the hangover. >> you, too, win $100 gift certificate from visa gold! >> i like how he does it. the hangover is the movie. >> the hangover is the movie. wo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8